The floor. Mantles and shining mosaics

As they approached the General. The chiefs knelt down and touched the ground with their hands then brought some of the dirt up to their lips. I noticed Marina was describing to Cortés the buy instagram followers meaning of this. One thing she was much better at explaining than me was all the elaborate symbolism engaged in by these people. She told me once instagram the touching of the lips with dirt had something to do with speaking with honesty, but I didn't really understand why. Forgive us for not granting you peace sooner, said the first chief. We believed you for certain to be friends of Moctezuma. The Tlaxcalans had been at war with the Mexica for decades. For generations, the Mexica would pass through Tlaxcala, stealing women and children along the way. So many times we attacked you, and in return you sent us messengers asking us to make peace, said the chief. Marina then translated the message to Cortés. So many times you took prisoners from our ranks and then released them to us just as quickly. We have attacked you now three times, day and night, and the gods have seen to it that you are not to be defeated. They went on like this for some time with Marina translating every word and gesture for Cortés. When they had finished, Cortés's face showed a harsh look and he began slowly pacing in front of the chiefs with one hand stroking his dark beard. After finally sleeping for nearly twenty-four hours, his fever had broken the previous night. Now, he was trying to appear buy instagram followers serious, but I could tell it was for show. When he was really upset he actually did well not to show any emotion on his face unless he was fighting or yelling. I now wonder if it is not too late to listen to your calls for friendship, he said. So many times we have tried to call for peace and have been mocked. So many of buy instagram followers my brothers in arms have died at your hands because of it. What is there for us to gain now? You say that many of your own brothers have died as well, and that is a shame. I have grieved for them nightly. Understand that it could have been more for we took as much mercy on your warriors as possible. If I had so ordered, my army would have buy instagram followers wiped out every last Tlaxcalan son leaving nothing but the women and babies for the Mexica to come and plunder. But we didn't. We showed our temperance. And I wonder now if it were the right decision to make. Marina buy instagram followers translated the message instagram and the chiefs looked at each other with wide eyes of concern. We know you have been spying on us day and night, Cortés continued. We have been under constant observation by your minions who have offered us no support even while we suffered from weather and lack of food. But now that you realize we cannot be defeated in battle, you come and treat for peace. He stopped pacing and stared at the lead chief in the eyes. I was so tempted to go to the town where your old chiefs live and to attack them, but God advised me not to. Yahoo After careful prayer he told me to receive you with open arms and to thank you for the food you have brought us. However, I now must ask you to find your leader Xicotenga and tell him to come here personally to settle a peace with the full powers of your city. If